The College of law aims at achieving its objectives by carrying out its primary role which is spreading legal awareness. The PhD program at the college of law is considered as one of its many achievements and contributions in keeping up with legal developments. Furthermore, the program came as a result to the overall evolution of the different programs and fields in UoB including the legal sector.

The PhD program can be defined as specialized academic studies as a stage following the Master degree program in Law. Upon completion of the program requirements, the researcher will be granted a PhD degree in Law specialized in either public or private law.
  1. Providing a suitable environment for creativity and innovation in legal studies. This is intended to help researchers to evolve both on the academic and professional levels and it ensures enriching their legal knowledge.
  2. Refining, directing and developing scientific and practical skills of researchers.
  3. Equipping researchers with analytical, interpretation, and justification skills in addition to methods of critical thinking.
  4. Providing students with the required awareness regarding rules and methods of scientific research in the legal domain, and formulation and wording of legal opinion.
  5. Keeping up with the ongoing updates in the legal field.
  6. Enhancing intensive scientific research in the legal field in UoB
  7. Supplying the Bahraini society with qualified law graduates with remarkable legal knowledge and ability to excel in legal practice.

Terms of Admission:

  1. The applicant should hold a Master degree in Law from University of Bahrain or any equivalent degree from any well recognized Arab or foreign universities, with G.P.A of at least 3.00 out of 4.00 according to the points-based system or any other equivalent assessment system.
  2. Applicant should pass a writing exam as well as a personal interview the standards of which are set by the scientific departments of the college.
  3. Applicant should pass a TOEFL exam or an equivalent exam with a percentage or a rate determined by the University council. Alternatively, students can pass two intensive English courses of UoB. It should be noted that a student’s registration will be crossed-out if he fails to pass these two English courses for the second time.