The Quality Assurance Office (QAO) is working in coordination with the Dean of the College of Science and the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center at the University (QAAC) to maintain and monitor the quality of the academic programs at the College of Science.

The QAO is working to ensure the compliance of the academic programs with the requirements and criteria set by national authorities concerning with quality assurance, including Education & Training Quality Authority (BQA) and Higher Education Council (HEC). The Bachelor degrees at the college (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Statistics) were awarded a confidence status in The Programmes-within-College Reviews by the Directorate of Higher Education Reviews at the BQA in 2017.

Placement of the academic programs on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) is a priority for the College of Science. The B.Sc. in Biology has been placed on the NQF by the Directorate of National Qualifications Framework at the BQA after fulfilling all of the validation standards in 2018. The other programs are currently preparing the NQF placement applications.

Accreditation of the College’s programs by international accrediting bodies is a strategic goal for the College of Science, which is in line with the university’s vision. Toward this, the Department of Chemistry achieved accreditation by the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) in 2009 for the first cycle. The accreditation of this department was renewed for the second cycle 2015-2020.

The programs of Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and Statistics have been accredited by the international accrediting body ASIIN in April, 2019 for the first cycle (2019-2024).