Master of Environmental and Sustainable Development (ESD)


The Master program in Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD) is a joint program between University of Bahrain (Kingdom of Bahrain) and Prince’s Foundation for Building Community (United Kingdom). The program is designed to boost students’ professional practice skills to enhance their career prospects in Environmental Science, Sustainable Development and Sustainable Urbanism. The program attracts a lively and engaged group of students, who combine postgraduate study with their professional lives.

As specialized environmentalists, they will be able to guide their community in order to promote sustainable development. The courses are delivered by instructors from colleges and departments across the University of Bahrain, and the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community (UK), and in collaboration with comprehensive range of governmental and non-government organizations. The curriculum of the ESD master program is designed to give students diverse educational skills. It involves various learning methods including lectures, field visits, self-studies, multidisciplinary projects, and case studies.

ESD staff believe that contemporary environmental and sustainability issues need to be tackled in an interdisciplinary fashion, investigating the science, engineering and policy questions that matter by using appropriate tools and techniques from many research domains and excellent research facilities. Each of our academics is highly respected expert in his/her own area, and the program’s staff includes, physicists, biologists, chemists, mathematicians and engineers.

Hence, ESD staff are engaged in research across a wide range of topic areas and thus M.Sc. research could pursue interests in almost all areas of environmental protection and sustainable development such as: energy, water, waste, transportation, sea and air-pollution, land use, radiation protection and measurements etc.