The aim of our program is to achieve the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning, research and community engagement in order to be recognized regionally and internationally.

Our programs are designed to provide students with mathematical and statistical knowledge and skills, to developing critical and logical thinking that will enable them to pursue graduate degrees, to take up careers that will require skills needed in industry or academia.


Detailed Study Plan

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  • Work successfully in a career related to statistics and operations research.
  • Pursue a graduate program in statistics or any related field.
  • Use statistics effectively in making decisions that enhance society development.

Statistics B.Sc.
Upon graduation, an UOB graduate in statistics should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of various fields of statistics, operations research, mathematics, and basic sciences.
  • Formulate a real life problem in statistical terms and design an appropriate statistical model to its solution.
  • Apply statistical techniques to solve a wide range of practical problems.
  • Analyze real life data using statistical tools and interpret the corresponding results.
  • Design and conduct qualitative and quantitative sample surveys.
  • Use statistical software to handle and manage data analysis.
  • Communicate effectively in practice.
  • Understand ethics, responsibility, legal and social issues within professional practice.
  • Apply statistical skills in performing basic scientific research.
  • Pursue statistical lifelong learning through continuous professional development.