Electronic Admission System
The University has developed the admissions and registration procedures for the first undergraduate level. Admission and registration services have become fully electronic through the integration of the eGovernment Portal and the Ministry of Education. Statistics show that 100% of applicants from public schools used the new electronic system and that 6,300 out of 7,300 applicants for admission to the university used the electronic registration system with the percentage of (86%).

Electronic Course Evaluation System
The course evaluation and assessment process has been converted into an electronic system so that the student can complete the course evaluation form electronically from anywhere within the university or outside. The faculty member can obtain the evaluation of the course by e-mail immediately after the evaluation process. The new e-evaluation system has reduced time, effort and costs

Electronic payment of tuition fees
The University has implemented an electronic system to pay tuition fees in cash through electronic devices rather than personal attendance. Statistics indicate that the number of students who paid tuition through electronic payment reached 20,706 students.

Application of cloud computing system (Office 365)
The cloud computing system and its applications provide e-mail, storage space, as well as digital classroom environment and some important office applications. Statistics show that the number of students using the application is 12,470 students out of 24,000 students at 48%.

Application of the UOP APP smart phone system
The smart phone application has been developed to include electronic student services such as acceptance and registration results, deletion and addition of courses, student results, electronic map of buildings and delivery of courses.

Student Information System (SIS)
This system is specialized on all business process related to university student starting from applying to the university to his/her graduation journey. It includes a lot of featured offered to all stakeholders (Upper Management, Deans, Head of Department, Advisors, Student, Sponsor, Administrators,..) each of which depending on their own roles and functions. It facilitates their tasks without the need to the traditional way.

Correspondence management system
Correspondence management system simulates the organization internal letter processes on managing and dealing with workflows (cases) and follow-up the workflows while maintaining information on each transaction. Moreover, it includes announcement broadcast as an additional feature.

University Council System
The University Council system provides the possibility of managing and browsing the meetings of the Council and the contents of the topics for discussion in electronic form without the need to use papers or distribution of papers to the members

E-recruitment application
This application facilitates the dissemination of university vacancies to academics and allows them to apply for the job by using a customized electronic form for this purpose and consists of several steps, where all the information required of the applicant for the job. The Personnel Affairs Section then reviews applications for appropriate use

Electronic Forms System
This system has been applied to transfer the simple paper forms to an electronic form accessed through the university user account (employee & student) to fill out the form and benefit from the service subject of the form. The system allows the service provider to receive the applications electronically, examine them, and respond to them by e-mail

Application of used books
This application provides students with a platform that allows each student to display the textbooks used for sale and to buy what is offered by another student in a reciprocal process among the students themselves, without the need for the annual exhibition of used books

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
This technology has been implemented in the university libraries, which revolves the use of standard operating systems such as Windows on a virtual environment without requiring the organization to provide computers with all its main hardware, maintenance and other requirements. The student will have a thin clients connected to the data center.

Electronic service to reset your password
A system where UOB faculties can manage and their own business account passwords automatically and based on request.

Business Documents on the cloud
A system that is applied at the level of colleges and administrative departments, as it provides a service for the preservation of electronic files on cloud computing and ensure the sustainability of access from anywhere and at any time according to the powers of each user.

Helpdesk System
System to manage all IT related issues and technical problems involves within applications, networking, computers and related hardware.