• Sustainability
Our Mission believes that e learning should last and develop to include all universities departments. It should also facilitate the smooth transference of students from high school to University providing training and education for life.

  • Cooperation
The Centre enhances the spirit of cooperation with all university and outside university departments within the working team and the student body to create the spirit of the team.

  • Creativity
The e-learning center establishes the principle of teaching and learning depending on self-learning, critical thinking and the involvement of higher level thinking skills through intellectual activities, interactive tools, enrichment activities, research methods and other additional linking tools.

  • Self-actualization
The center establishes the principle of self-actualization for instructors, learners and workers in the field of e learning.
In addition, it enhances the values of competitiveness, professionalism, effectiveness, social responsibility and dedication, and experimenting and fulfilling the highest level of general interest.