During the past years, the Center has made the following achievements:

  1. Design and implementation of a new website for the Centre.
  2. The Centre won four awards in the field of e learning.
  3. Upgrading the Center’s Infrastructure through the purchase of a new blade Servers 3 servers)) to improve the performance of the portal of the learning management system LMS for years to come.
  4. Increase the number of licensed users from eight thousand to 15 thousand students.
  5. Hosting of the e-learning administrators and distance-learning officials for the Arab Gulf States, participating in the formulation of most of the recommendations and proposals of development, and setting the agenda for the next meeting.
  6. The number of workshops carried out by the Centre for all colleges, 70.  Training of 800-faculty member on the learning management system Blackboard (Bb), and how to design online courses for University faculty as well as to the staff of the Faculty of health sciences.
  7. Preparations for the Fifth International Conference and exhibition for electronic learning under the title “Cognitively Informed Technology” in cooperation with the IEEE.

    Conference themes reached 15 central topics to discuss vital issues, central in e learning and there was an exhibition of software and technologies, e learning and communications systems.
    Invitations have been sent to 2000 participants. Around 102 scientific papers have been accepted and refereed by IEEE’s and are to be published in it.
    The Center was sponsored by a number of institutes, organizations and companies due to its reputation in this field.
    To register for the Conference and receive papers and organizing the necessary public information campaign. Conference Website

  8. The Bahrain and Kuwait Bank donated BD 10,000 to provide laboratory (S45), 27 computer terminals, in addition to the 3D helmet and gloves. The laboratory is the first of its kind in the Middle East.
  9. The Center is selected to host the “General Secretariat for the Award of Excellence in design and development of e-courses”, because of a joint effort by the distance-learning administrators at universities in the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council, to encourage the design and development of online courses. Each year’s award is sponsored by one of the universities in the GCC countries.
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