• Learning platform – Blackboard (SaaS)
    E-Learning Center uses the Blackboard platform as a primary communication tool and a basic system for managing education and listing electronic courses. Also, faculty members and students were trained on how to use the (LMS) system, either by publishing self-learning videos or by live sessions with the Center's professors.

  • E-learning tools: Mcgraw Hill - Pearson - Cengage – Turnitin

  • Workshops and Training
    One of the Center’s most important strategies is the establishment of continuous training programs and facilities through workshops, as well as online training on the website, as the Center has been accredited as a regional center in the universities of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in this field. Also, more than eighty training courses have been organized since the establishment of the Center, and the Center will establish a special training unit with an integrated crew in its next strategic plan.

  • Specialized Workshops
    The Center’s administration believes that training is a vital part of the Center’s strategy, as the Center works to spread electronic culture. Therefore, the Center tries to organize specialized workshops on a regular basis to develop the performance of employees and professors from various sectors in Bahrain and keep them informed of the latest developments in the field of e-learning. In addition, the Center hosts many companies and companies specialized in e-learning to present the latest developments and technologies to our employees and other people in this field. Also, it organizes specialized training courses and workshops alongside these events to train the public on using these technologies, in addition to the specialized workshops it holds during its biannual international conference.

    Moreover, the Center provides other services to facilitate scientific research and its tools for researchers in the field, and it invites researchers to use its facilities for the purposes of comparing traditional face-to-face education with learning and e-learning. Also, it administers electronic tests for employees and students, such as preparing TOEFL tests and courses.
    • Photography and Audio and Visual Montage.
    • Electronic Tests and Optical-Grading.
    • Online Labs.
    • Smart Halls and Classes.