News 07 05 2019 1b

News 07 05 2019 1aDuring a ceremony held on Tuesday, 30 April 2019, more than 100 students from the University of Bahrain and other universities received their Blockcerts digital academic certificates anchored to blockchain.

Prof. Riyad Y. Hamzah, President of the University of Bahrain, said: ‘We are delighted that the University of Bahrain has become the first in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the MENA region to start using blockchain technology. This technology provides an encrypted platform to issue credentials to students with cryptographic proof that they were issued by the University of Bahrain. Students will have their own digital file, which can make it easy for both employers as well as the students to get their academic credentials verified with authenticity. We have started with our postgraduate programmes and hopefully in due course expand to undergraduate programmes.’

‘The blockchain technology is in line with the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, based around three guiding principles; sustainability, fairness and competitiveness. The Vision has already demonstrated commitment to employing the latest technological advancements,’ added Prof. Hamzah.

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Dr. Aisha Bushager, Head of Computer Engineering, said: ‘In collaboration with Learning Machine, a global leader in blockchain-based digital records, UoB has become one of the first universities worldwide to issue digital certificates anchored to blockchain technology. Learning Machine has already implemented the technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the world's top universities. This technology is the best solution for academic credentials. It ensures that digital certificates are secure, counterfeit-proof, and can be shared with ease and transparency with employers or other authorities in case of recruitment or other admission procedures. It is also possible to download Blockcerts Wallet app on smartphones to have access to verifiable digital credentials at any time.’

Natalie Smolinski, Vice-President of Learning Machine, said: ‘There is a growing worldwide demand for digital certificates and records. Our blockchain technology provides the students and graduates of the University of Bahrain with lifelong records and certificates.’