31 Faculty Members Participate in Standards of Scientific Research Workshop

35 Refereed Journal Scientific Researches Prepared in 50 Days

31 Faculty Members Participate in Standards of Scientific Research Workshop
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A special celebration was held to honour thirty faculty members from various colleges at the University of Bahrain for completing a workshop on guidelines for publishing in scientific journals, and for being able to prepare research papers to be published in international refereed journals.

The workshop, which was attended by 31 new faculty members, addressed the standards of publication in scientific journals.

In his speech during the ceremony, the President of University of Bahrain Prof. Riyad Y. Hamzah praised faculty members who managed to meet the challenges and prepare 35 scientific research papers for publication during the fifty-day period of the workshop.

Prof. Hamzah stressed the University’s continuous support for promoting scientific research as one of the main priorities of the University to enhance its learning outcomes and academic ranking.

Faculty members from seven colleges at the University who participated in the workshop exchanged their scientific research personal experience during meetings and lectures presented by various faculty members.

“Writing scientific research requires knowledge of the scientific methods. Having the ability to do research does not necessarily mean that the researcher is able to meet the requirements of publishing in international refereed journals,” said the coordinator of the workshop Dr. Hanan Al-Buflasa from the College of Science.

Dr. Al-Buflasa added: “The workshop, as an initiative from the President’s office, started on January 11th and continued until February 28th. The results were better than expected. During this short period of time, 35 research papers were prepared to be published in refereed journals. Nine other researches are still in progress.”

She said that faculty members who participated in the workshop used to meet once a week. They had held eight meetings and participated in several lectures to achieve the objectives of the workshop.

Some faculty members who participated in the workshop highlighted the benefits of this workshop and hoped similar workshops on scientific research would be held in the future.

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