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Admission requirements and Procedures for the Second Period Programs

Admission requirements for the Second Period Programs


Applicants of the second period programs should apply to the following conditions:

  1. to have a high school diploma or its equivalent with a GPA of no less than 70%.
  2. To be qualified to study in the language of the academic program.
  3. the applicant should not be enrolled in any other university.
  4. To pass the admission test of the academic programs that require this.
  5. To be of good conduct and behavior.
  6. To be medically fit, as per the academic program.
  7. To fulfill the other conditions specified by the concerned entities.


Special conditions for students of the second period programs

Noting that applications for admission will be accepted from students who have permanently withdrawn from the University and graduates of Associate Diploma and Bachelor programs, as well as students who have been academically dismissed and may apply for other programs at the University. Applications submitted by those who have been disciplinary dismissed will not be accepted.

Students of the morning programs may also transfer to the programs of the second period, subject to the terms and conditions of the programs they are transferred to, if their transfer is accepted, including the prescribed tuition fees. Second year students may not transfer to regular first year programs.

The credit hour fee will be BD (80), and the registration quorum for courses is from (5 to 16) credit hours, which is equivalent to two to five courses in one semester, bearing in mind that the application fee is non-refundable BD 50.

The lectures of the second period programs start from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and courses in which teaching requires more than (3) hours or include practical laboratories may start their lectures at 4 pm.


Procedures for submitting an application for admission to the second period programs


1- To enter the electronic student service website (, choose the link (UOB Admission Requests), and then choose Apply for Admission of Undergraduate Programs -Evening Program.

2- View the instructions and conditions, and to continue the application procedures please click on (Agree).

3- Enter the student’s personal number.

4- Enter the student’s basic information as follows: name, address, place of birth, religion, gender, nationality, country of graduation, name of school inside and outside Bahrain, choose the type of study “public or private secondary school learning”, the high school tracks, high school GPA, phone number, email address).

5- Enter the program desired for registration which will be shown as per the secondary school track or the allowed programs for application only.

6- Download the requested documents:

a. The graduation certificate and the transcript of high school or its equivalent.

b. Private schools’ students: attach certificate issued by the Ministry of Education at the time of application along with an affidavit and graduation certificate and the transcript issued by the                  school. They could also upload the documents or edit the data after the completion of the application process during the admission period.

c. Bahraini students and high school graduates from outside Bahrain: graduation certificate equivalency is required from the Ministry of Education.

d. Non-Bahraini students: attach affidavit, graduation certificate along with the transcript and any proof of accreditation of qualifications from outside Bahrain.

e. Transcript from the University of the student (if available)

f. Copy of a valid passport (and for non-Bahraini students residing in Bahrain, please attach copy of a valid residence permit).

g. A valid identification card.

h. Colored photographic photo.

7- Please click on (verification code) button, and a message will be sent to the email inserted in the application. Please insert the code in the designated field. Click on (Save) button to approve the application.

8- Payment of non-refundable fees of BD 50

9- After the completion of the payment process, the student will receive the University number in the receipt (please keep it). And by that, you have completed the procedures for the admission of the second period programs.

10 -In the event of any inquiry or problem, please contact the Student Service Center by phone, WhatsApp or the smart chat system service on number 16633366 or via e-mail:


Notice: You can add or modify the submitted documents or modify the wishes before issuing the acceptance by entering the link UOB Admission Requests and then choose the following:

  • Updating the uploaded files, during the period you are permitted to do so and when the operation mode is (Opened).
  • Updating the application data and desires, during the period you are allowed to do so and when the status of the operation is (Opened).
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