Dr. Al-Fadhel a Member of the Editorial Board of “CEJISS” Journal

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The Editorial Board of the Central European Journal of International and Security Studies (CEJISS) has appointed Dr. Khalifa Ali Al-Fadhel, Professor of Public International Law at the University of Bahrain, as a member of its Editorial Board.

The refereed scientific journal is issued by Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) in the Czech Republic. The Editorial Board of this journal includes a group of international experts in the fields of international law, political and military sciences, and security and geopolitical studies.

CEJISS is a refereed periodical journal, classified under SCOPUS and EBSCO database which makes it as one of the most trustworthy journals in the humanities in accordance with the quality of scientific research applied by universities and the institutions of higher education with the advanced academic classification.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Khalifa Al-Fadhel holds a Ph. D in international Law from University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. He got his Master degree in International Law from the same university.

Dr. Al-Fadhel has been a member of the Board of Trustees at Bahrain Institute for Political Development since 2015. He is a fellow of the British Society for Political Development and the British Human Rights Lawyers Association.

He has issued a book in the English language entitled “The Right to Democracy in International Law: Between Procedure, Substance and the Philosophy of John Rawls”. This book was published by Routledge; Taylor and Francis group, London.

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