“Nano” Team in UoB Presents Best Technologies in Water Purification

During “Chamonix” Conference

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Dr. Mohamed Bououdina, assistant professor in the Department of Physics at UoB, stated that a research team on nanotechnology at the University participated in the 10th Conference (Chamonix 2016), which was held recently in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in which he presented a research paper on the newest technologies utilised in investigating the properties of nanomaterials that can be used in water purification from various contaminants such as colours, heavy metals and bacteria.

He said, “We discussed the researches carried out in the College of Science as well as ways to improve cooperation between the University of Bahrain and the University of Manchester for exchanging research and academic experiences.” The team discussed four researches focusing on water treatment through nanotechnology.

As the head of the team, Dr Bououdina said that the research team met with many specialised researchers in various scientific fields during the conference, including the prominent physicist Professor Sir Konstantin Novoselov, from the University of Manchester (UK), who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. Professor Sir Novoselov paid special attention to the work paper given by the UoB team during the conference.

The team is made up of Dr Bououdina in addition to Dr Layla Jassim Hazeem, assistant professor from the Department of Biology, Mrs Basma Al-Najar, lecturer from the Department of Physics, and Mrs Alia Mustapha Islam, lab technician from the Department of physics.

The nanotechnology team at the College of Science has published various researchers in different areas of nanotechnology applications in energy, environment, water treatment and biomedical technology.
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