Digital Transformation Achievements

E-Admission System
The university has developed a system for online admission with two channels; the first channel is fully automated through the integration with the Information and eGovernment Authority (IGA) and Ministry of Education systems. The second channel is within UOB SIS for all applicants from outside Bahrain and the Postgraduates applicants as well. Now the admission process is 100% electronically.

E- Course Evaluation System
The university has developed a system for evaluating courses so that the student can complete the course evaluation form electronically from anywhere inside or outside the university, and a faculty member can also obtain the course evaluation by e-mail immediately after completing the evaluation process, in addition to reports and statistics at the university, college and academic department level.

E- Payment of tuition fees
The university has implemented an electronic system to pay tuition fees in cash through electronic devices rather than personal attendance. Now the fee payment is completed electronically.

Cloud computing with (Office 365)
It is a line of cloud subscription services offered by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Office product line; which allow the use of the Microsoft Office Software as cloud-based software as a service products for business environments, such as hosted Mails, online storage of One Drive, MS Teams, MS Forms, Skype for Business, and SharePoint. Statistics show that the number of students using the application is almost reaching 100%.

UOP Mobile APP
The university has developed mobile app to include student results, electronic map of buildings and student schedule.

Student Information System (SIS)
This system is specialized on all business process related to university student journey starting from applying to the university and ending with the graduation. It includes a lot of featured offered to all stakeholders (Upper Management, Deans, Head of Department, Advisors, Student, Sponsor, Administrators … etc.) each of which depending on their own roles and functions. Automation of many students processes as follow:

  1. Student release process
  2. Certificates and transcripts requests process
  3. Change grade process
  4. Major change process
  5. Integration between SIS and Blackboard
  6. Orientation exemption process
  7. Student study case procedure

Correspondence Management System
Correspondence management system simulates the organization internal official letter processes on managing and dealing with workflows (cases) and follow-up the workflows while maintaining information on each transaction. Moreover, it includes announcement broadcast as an additional feature.

University Council System
The university has developed a system for managing the university council meetings and the contents of the topics for discussion in electronic form across the members, which enhanced the productivity and effectiveness.

Career Portal
The university has developed a system to facilitate the dissemination of university vacancies to academics, allows them to apply for the job by using a customized electronic form for this purpose, and consists of several steps, where all the information required of the applicant for the job. The Personnel Department and all related colleges then reviews applications for appropriate use.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
This technology has been implemented in the university libraries know as desktop as a service (Daas), which revolves the use of standard operating systems such as Windows on a virtual environment without requiring the organization to provide full computers with all its hardware components, as well as maintenance and other requirements. The student will have a thin clients connected to the data center seamlessly.

User Profile system
It is a self-based tool, where UOB faculties can manage their own business account passwords automatically without a third party interferences.

Helpdesk System
It is a service desk system to manage all IT related cases, issues as well as incidents and technical problems involves within applications, networking, computers and related hardware.

Online Payment
The Information Technology Center, in cooperation with the Department of Finance and Budget, has developed The other payments service to be electronic and complete the chain of electronic payments. That is where all transactions are (Tuition fees, application fees, evacuation fees Party, book purchase fees, transfer fees to another major … etc.) The student can pay them electronically through the SIS portal.

Optimizing infrastructure by migrating with AWS Cloud
Most of the back-end infrastructure for information technology has been migrated to the Amazon cloud computing, making great use of what is available from modern and advanced means, and greatly increasing the performance level of the systems.

Chat and Chabot for students in the Student service center
It is an automatic chat service that accompanies WhatsApp chat, and students can access this service (24 hours a day) through the main contact number for calls and WhatsApp chat which is 16633366. They can inquire about anything related to student life cycle

Consult your advisor app
The University had developed an app for providing psychological counseling service through the Deanship of Student Affairs, which allows each student to present his problem, communicate with one of the mentors of the Deanship of Student Affairs, and obtain the required assistance in strict confidence. This application will help in strengthening psychological counseling for students.

Online academic Clinic app
The University has developed an app for providing an electronic service for direct communication between students of the College of Business Administration and faculty members to benefit from them in receiving and responding to inquiries, providing effective academic advising and receiving suggestions from students to enhance academic communication between academics and students