University President Urges Students to Create Innovative Projects

During the Opening of Information Technology Graduation Project Exhibition

University President Urges Students to Create Innovative Projects

news-16-01-2017-1dProf. Riyad Y. Hamzah, President of University of Bahrain, said that the IT graduation projects are a source of pride, stressing the importance of achieving creative and innovative projects in all scientific fields which contribute to promoting the university learning outcomes, community service, and providing advanced technological solutions.

The University President urged the students, in a short speech, to apply and translate the skills they learnt throughout their study to projects that serve the community and the public and private sectors. He pointed out that the University “is keen on promoting partnerships with all business sectors to improve human and technological productivity.” The President also added that the University “is valued for its knowledge and expertise and knows the community and its needs.”

During a tour of the exhibition organized by the College of Information Technology last Thursday (12 January 2017) at the University campus in Sakhir, the University President praised the 43 graduation projects in Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems. He also thanked the organizations and institutions which sponsored the projects, the organizing committee of the exhibition, the faculty members who supervised the graduation projects, and the students for their efforts to complete their graduation projects.

news-16-01-2017-1dDr. Hesham Mohammed Al-Ammal, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, said: “the College is keen on developing students’ skills in information technology. The faculty members seek to match the learning outcomes with the labor market needs. In some instances, our students’ graduation projects were used by the private and public sectors, which emphasis the advanced level of these projects.”

Dr. Mazen Mohammed Ali, Head of the Exhibition Organizing said: “We worked closely with the graduation project jury to choose the best ten projects. These projected are supported by Tamkeen and other companies interested in technology.” He also added that visitors were very impressed with the exhibition.

One of the distinctive graduation projects was a “Fire Alarm System for the Deaf” by Khadija Mohammed Isa. The project is based on creating a device to alert the deaf in the event of a fire, through a microphone that senses high sounds such as a loud alarm or repeated words (e.g. Fire …. Fire). This device can translate these sounds into vibrations and lighting as well as sending a text message to the deaf phone warning of a fire.

news-16-01-2017-1dSara Saad Al-Rumaihi presented a graduation project entitled “Robot for Cleaning the Beaches”. This small robot is characterized by an automatic movement through a smartphone application which can be controlled via Bluetooth. The robot can recognize the waste dumped on the beach, and then pick it up and place it in a special container for this purpose.

Saja Yousef Al-Zu’bi, Salma Azzam Al-Taweel, and Layan Mohammed Malik presented their graduation projected entitled “Intelligent Control of TV Sound”. The project is based on the idea of providing a device that automatically lowers the volume of TV when commercials are shown through a smartphone application. Volume is controlled by application settings. The device works on all current TVs.

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