As an Introduction to the Specializations Offered and the Students’ Future Careers 8,000 Students Expected to Graduate from Secondary School Attend The First Day of UOB’s Orientation Meeting

University of Bahrain – Sakhir
9 May 2022
Yesterday (08 May 2022), the virtual mentoring meeting program for secondary school graduates was launched, organized by the University of Bahrain (UoB), to introduce graduates to academic programs, and help students choose the most suitable specialization for them if they join the National University.
The academic departments in the colleges of: Law, Information Technology, and Science – to more than eight thousand students from public and private schools and their parents – reviewed their various programs. As the colleges provided a summary of each academic program, the educational skills required for admission, the duration of the programs, and the entities that attract graduates in these disciplines.
Also, the Deanship of Admission and Registration reviewed the study-related regulations and laws, while the English Language Center at the University presented a summary on the foundation year.
In addition to the academics from the three colleges, a number of university students in these colleges shared the experience of their university life and their journey at the University.
While today, Monday (09 May 2022), the colleges of: Health and Sports Sciences, Arts, and Applied Education will review their programs in the meeting that will be held via the “Microsoft Teams” platform on Wednesday (11 May 2022) from eleven to one in the afternoon, via Link:
Also, the Colleges of Engineering and Business Administration will present a summary of their programs on Thursday (12 May 2022), via the link: at the same time.
The Department of Media and University Relations announced the timing of the virtual orientation meeting program, and the links available for graduates through the University of Bahrain’s social media platforms.
It is worth noting that the Department is organizing this meeting – virtually – for the third year in a row, to give those who are about to join UoB adequate information about the offered academic disciplines, the study requirements in each of them, and their academic and professional future, in addition to the University’s regulations and laws, the services it provides, and the possibilities available in its three university campuses. As statistics indicate that more than 70% of secondary school graduates each year enroll at UoB.

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