The University of Bahrain (UoB), as reflected in mission and mirrored as a key pillar in its strategic plan, strives to provide sustainable continuous professional development (CPD). In light of such pursuit, the Unit for Teaching Excellence and Leadership (UTEL), as a vibrant house of expertise established in 2016, is committed to serve a diverse academic community by means of augmenting the academic development of faculty at the University of Bahrain and other national, regional and international and institutions through transferring knowledge, extending and sharing research-based innovative teaching practices, and fostering leadership skills among faculty development coined with the mission to enhance the teaching-learning process and promote academic excellence of faculty notwithstanding their nationalities, gender, or academic ranks. This endeavor is accomplished through the provision of evidence-informed accredited faculty development programs and bespoke workshops that facilitate responsively for pedagogical competence, life-long learning, and sustained practice change culture with customized instruction and training offered all year long to the participants of these programs, UoB faculty members and members of the diverse academic community inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The plethora of the continuous professional development (CPD) programs and certificates UTEL has been offering since 2006 have been carefully created, thoroughly developed, and consistently updated to quality assure the delivery and assessment of these faculty professional development programs and to meet the expectations of our stakeholders and partners.

In recognition of the quality of the teaching excellence at the UTEL, the three English-mediated CPD programs offered have been accredited by the UK Advance HE (formerly known as UK Higher Education Academy), namely Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice (PCAP) program, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program, and New to Teaching in Bahrain (NTB) program. During the academic year 2020-2021, the UTEL is proudly offering for the first time in the region an Arabic version of the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program in collaboration with Advance HE, from which these programs’ participants receive renowned recognition in the form of fellowship or associate fellowship.

The UTEL also endeavors to build and develop the academic leadership capacity and capabilities of local, regional, and international higher education institutions’ affiliates through its strand of the academic leadership program (ALP) aligned to the Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education (PSF).

By means of the professional employment of all of these endeavors, the UTEL wishes to continue serving the local and global academic community towards the fulfillment of its vision to become a regional leading unit fostering an integrated culture that recognizes the prerequisite for academic excellence and leadership.

Dr. Diana Aljahromi

Director, Unit of Teaching Excellence and Leadership


The Unit for Teaching Excellence and Leadership at the University of Bahrain (UoB) is focused on the development of teaching and leadership skills of academic faculty at the UoB and the Higher Education (HE) sector, both in Bahrain and the region.


  1. Increase awareness of the importance of teaching skills in HE and the necessity for training programs for academics in the sector.
  2. Foster a culture that recognizes the need for continuous professional development in teaching and learning.
  3. Support academics adopt a teaching philosophy that shifts the focus from teaching to learning.
  4. Support academics develop the required teaching skills in the sector.
  5. Encourage evaluation of the effectiveness of teaching through reflective practice.
  6. Encourage research informed improvement in teaching practice.
  7. Support both new and experienced academic staff attain better understanding of their teaching role in HE.
  8. Create a benchmark for academic staff to measure their current teaching practice and development against by aligning the faculty development routes to the UK Professional Standards Framework.
  9. Establish a system to reward academic staff for successful teaching practice
  10. Establish the UoB as a hub for teaching excellence and research in teaching and learning in higher education in the region.


To become a leading unit for research informed excellence in teaching and leadership in the HE sector, both in Bahrain and the region.


To develop the teaching and leadership skills for all faculty members involved in the teaching process at the UoB, local and regional universities to keep up with the evolving requirements in the HE sector. To assist academics to continuously develop their teaching skills and to integrate pedagogic – research in their teaching practice.


The UTEL engages in the following activities:

  1. Offering faculty development programs that are accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) in the UK and that lead to professional recognition of participants.
  2. Supporting faculty develop their teaching practice by conducting training programs, workshops, lectures and specialized scientific seminars, conferences and short courses.
  3. Providing support for colleges and departments specific to their requirements.
  4. Encouraging research in teaching and learning in HE.
  5. Collaborating with local, regional and international institutions to develop HE teaching practice in Bahrain and the region.
  6. Publishing newsletters and brochures about the training workshops and accredited programs offered by the unit.


Director’s office
Dr. Diana Al Jahromi
E-mail: daljahrami@uob.edu.bh