We welcome you to the French Studies Center at the University of Bahrain. The center’s team is distinguished by its expertise in methods of teaching French as a foreign language. We embrace all lovers of the French language and seek to promote the Francophone culture to develop horizons of thought, cultural awareness, intercultural communication skills, and develop students’ language skills and abilities to communicate in French.

The French Studies Center organizes many educational and cultural activities outside the classroom, such as screening films in French and workshops to develop speaking, reading, pronunciation and writing skills, in addition to discussing topics related to the daily life of Francophone societies and comparing them with the Bahraini society. The center also holds training workshops, lectures, seminars and cultural meetings.

We believe in the importance of the student being at the center of his learning process and we are keen to develop his long-life learning skills to be able to continue improving their French on an ongoing basis. We provide you with the necessary support through the Learning Resource Center and the language lab, both equipped with the latest audio and video technologies, including computers and television, and CDs containing authentic materials for French language learning purposes.

The center’s team is looking forward to meeting you and we wish everyone a successful journey.

Dr. Sara Abdulla Bader

Director of the French Studies Center


The Center for French Studies was inaugurated on February 11, 2009, under the auspices of the representative of the President of the French Republic, Dominique Baudis, the former president of the Arab World Institute in Paris, and in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain. The opening of the center came within the framework of strengthening relations between the two countries and in support of common goals that contribute to extending more bridges of communication and cultural and scientific dialogue between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the French Republic. This center is responsible for teaching the French language and introducing its culture.



Director’s Office

Dr. Sara Abdulla Bader

Tel: 17435050

E-mail: sabader@uob.edu.bh