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Welcome to the English Language Centre (ELC) at the University of Bahrain. We are a highly trained, experienced and dedicated team who are ready to help you improve your English language skills along with other academic skills for university success. During your Foundation Year at the ELC, you are expected to take an active part in the whole learning process which includes carrying out independent learning tasks, online assignments and homework. We are also happy to provide you with all the academic support you need at the National Geographic Learning Resource Centre which is well-equipped with audio-visual facilities including PCs, TV and DVDs with authentic National Geographic content for language learning purposes. In addition to the normal academic schedule for the year, we would also like to encourage you to be involved in our extra- curricular activities which will help you strengthen your mind, promote better time management skills, and explore and pursue interests outside the academic context. In conclusion, the ELC has a strong focus on academic progress and achievement as well as a focus on lifelong learning skills. We look forward to meeting you and wish you all a successful journey!

Dr. Dana Abdulrahim
Director of the English Language Centre


The English Language Center (ELC) at the University of Bahrain has a 32-year history of providing language learning and support to students who are newly admitted and those of other integrated programs. Through the Foundation Program, the ELC is tasked to raise the students’ standard of English. The University of Bahrain considers the Foundation Program as one of the institution’s pillars for two key reasons; the delivery of the university’s mainstream programmes in English and the importance of English proficiency in the professional success of students.

Today, the ELC has flourished through a team of about 50 dedicated and dynamic ELT educators. They provide students with high-quality instruction in learning the English Language. In addition to the emphasis on sound pedagogy in classroom instruction, the ELC has embraced the effective use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience. This approach is adopted to motivate students of the digital age and promote the possibility for remote autonomous learning by students at their own pace.


To provide an educational environment for students of the Foundation program and all other integrated programs to develop their level of English through the use of best practices and educational strategies. The ELC seeks recognition at the international level through excellence in quality assurance and professional accreditation by academic agencies.


To instruct the students through blended learning strategies to enhance and develop their English language ability to the required level of other colleges, and to develop their character and skills as autonomous learners through extra-curricular activities.



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