In collaboration with National Geographic Education, the centre is the first of its kind in the Middle East, with nearly 7,000 books in addition to video, audio and multimedia equipment. The Centre has been established to provide support and assistance to all students of the University of Bahrain to improve their academic performance in English language skills, including speaking and listening skills, as well as assistance in research and written projects in various disciplines. Students can benefit from the services of the Centre by booking an appointment in one of the following ways

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The Resource Center is designed to allow students to further the learning and curiosity generated from their English classes. It is a space for research, self-study, discovery and further reading. Using the National Geographic Learning Resource Center John Hughes, Author and Teacher Trainer, National Geographic Learning

Reading is a key skill for learning English and an effective way to increase your vocabulary. In class, you teacher will normally work on intensive reading skills; in other words, you’ll read shorter texts and develop the kind of reading skills you might need for exams. However, it’s also important to read extensively as this develops the kinds of reading skills you might need for future academic study and reading for pleasure.
Another way to develop your listening skills outside of class is to watch and listen to the videos available in the National Geographic Resource Center. By watching TED Talks and National Geographic videos, you are exposed to authentic speech and can become used to listening to extended recordings of English on different topics.
Use the computer facilities to access online learning resources connected with your course or carry out research tasks set by your teacher. If you use National Geographic Learning course book materials, you often find out about real people and places, it’s always interesting afterwards to go online and find out more about these people or places either at the National Geographic website or other sites.
If your teacher sets you the task of finding out more about a topic and presenting it in the form of a project, essay or presentation, the resource center provides a unique opportunity to do further research into a topic.
If you find an aspect of English particularly difficult in class, the resource center will help you. Look up unknown words or grammar points and maybe try to complete a few extra exercises to help your understanding.
Sometimes your teacher might set you a group task in which you have to work in small groups or teams like a group presentation or to discuss and solve a problem. The resource center can be a space where you meet to discuss and plan your task for the next lesson. It also has the benefit of computer facilities for preparation of presentation slides or writing up reports on your meetings.
Finally, the resource center should be a place you can go to relax and enjoy yourself while learning English. Research shows we learn more effectively when we don’t feel stressed and enjoy ourselves while learning. The center could be used for weekly book clubs or film and documentary viewings. So go into the resource center during your break from lessons, pick up a magazine or a photo book and read it for pleasure.