In this world that is repeatedly changing and changing us with it, we can stand still observing what is happening around us. We can question how others got there and how can we reach them. We can write pages and pages to explain who we are, what we will be, and where we will go, and when. Instead, we decided not to explain or talk, but to act. We started working immediately because we believe that those who are builders have no time to speak. You only hear the sounds of their hammers and the buzzing of their machines! The late American businessman Jim Ron once said: “Whatever good things we build, end up building us”. Because we aspire to be exceptional at the University of Bahrain, our work must also be unique, and our achievements should undoubtedly be high.

We have taken up the challenge to be, at the University of Bahrain, a model of excellence, locally and regionally in harnessing modern technologies in education, learning and in scientific research. We envision here, a new line of thought, a future that no one imagined yet, one that we will all live inevitably.

And for our full belief that “One step by 100 persons is better than 100 steps by one person.” Koichi Tsukamoto; I invite my colleagues, members of the academic and administrative staff and our beloved students to pack their ideas and aspirations and pace with us towards a prosperous future that is empowered with modern educational technologies and digital innovations.

Dr. Sheikha Fay bint Abdullah Al Khalifa

Director of The e-Learning Center


The e-Learning Center was established in accordance with the University Council decision number 188/2004, May 8, 2004. The Center established to cope with the latest developments in Information Technology and to employ this technology in teaching and learning processes at the university and academic institutes. The Center aims at providing qualitative development in learning and to qualify to learn to better educational output in order to create graduates capable of coping with continuous changes and using these changes to serve their country. The e-Learning trend is fast growing and a cornerstone in the field of electronic learning all over the world. It is changing the quality of education for the better and provides skilled and highly qualified and independent learners and graduates.



Director’s Office

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