Center’s Responsibilities

  • Spread electronic culture through awareness and information campaigns to get the community to accept this type of learning and interact with it.
  • Transform current curriculums and academic programs into electronic curriculums and design and manage University courses using e-learning techniques, whether wholly or partially, according to the nature of the course to be provided by the Center for students.
  • Establish the principle of self-learning and lifelong training and enhance e-learning skills of University of Bahrain employees to be able to utilize them in lifelong learning.
  • International and regional openness and cooperation in the field of learning and digital creativity to keep up with everything new and benefit from it in developing knowledge and scientific research.
  • Communication and community partnership in the field of digital learning and creativity
  • Support academic and scientific programs by providing workshops and, alternative or assisting services or technologies according to the type or nature of those programs and courses.
  • Consider the University’s needs in the field of digital learning and creativity and producing studies in this regard.
  • Review and establish laws and guidelines for University employees on digital learning and creativity, and methods of using various electronic educational platforms.