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Looking At How Underground Objects Interact with Modern Technology.. A PhD Study at UoB Establishes a System to Delineate Underground Objects

Sakhir - University of Bahrain (Ali Al-Sabbagh) 12 January 2022 [...]

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Emphasizing That Stem Cell Therapy is a Safe and Effective Method Compared to Traditional Methods.. A PhD Thesis at UoB Calls for Legislative Regulation of Stem Cell Therapy

Sakhir - University of Bahrain (Ali Al-Sabbagh) 10 January 2022 [...]

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Its Findings Published in JAEID A Study at UoB: An Inventory of the Most Common Indicators to Measure the Sustainability of Agriculture

University of Bahrain (Yasmeen Khalaf) 9 January 2022 The findings [...]

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As Part of the University’s Celebrations of the National Day UoB “Mathematics” Holds a Student Competition to Solve Puzzles and Mathematical Problems

University of Bahrain (Yasmeen Khalaf) 6 January 2022 As part [...]

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UoB President Discusses with the Indian Ambassador Expanding Cooperation with Leading Indian Academic Institutions

Sakhir - University of Bahrain 5 January 2022 On Wednesday [...]

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Dr. Al-Mudhahki Congratulates Dr. Al-Zayed on Being Elected President of the International Association of Arabic Language Departments

Sakhir - University of Bahrain 3 January 2022 The President [...]

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In a Meeting With “Bahrainouna” in the Presence of “BIPA” UoB Stresses the Importance of Spreading and Promoting National Values and Belonging Among its Students

Sakhir - University of Bahrain 2 January 2022 The President [...]

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