Designed And Implemented in UoB’s College of Engineering Dr. Al-Mudhahki Inspects the Automatic Maintenance Crane Before It Is Shipped To CERN

Sakhir – University of Bahrain (Khadija Abdulsalam)
13 June 2022
The President of the University of Bahrain (UoB), Dr. Jawaher bint Shaheen Al-Mudhahki, praised the experience of the Kingdom of Bahrain in implementing advanced projects with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), and the opportunities provided to the members of the University’s faculty and students in the production of knowledge and technology development worldwide.
As Dr. Al-Mudhahki made an inspection visit to the workshop of the College of Engineering to see the automatic crane platform that was completed by the College of Engineering team, and was accompanied by CERN’s advisor for the Middle East and North Africa, Martin Gastal, to prepare the platform for shipping, as work is underway to prepare the crane for shipment to CERN in order to be installed and operated. The new platform – manufactured by UoB – will replace the current platform that is used to maintain the detector in the new platform.
Also, Dr. Al-Mudhahki expressed the great pride that overwhelms the National University for its direct and active contribution to one of the most famous and oldest giant global research institutions in the world (CERN), and that the indicated crane has been designed and implemented by the College of Engineering at the University, which opens further prospects for cooperation on a larger scale globally with globally advanced centers.
For his part, the Dean of the College of Science, Prof. Mohammed Mustafa Al-Hilo, indicated that UoB has been a participating member in the muon detector experiment since 2019, and since then a project has been implemented by the College of Information Technology in the field of data processing, and a project from the College of Engineering to design and implement the automatic crane. Also, the College of Engineering is currently working on implementing two new projects in the field of sensors and cooling devices with the muon detector.
For her part, the Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Sheikha Haifa bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, indicated that the design and implementation of the construction of the automatic crane platform has been completed, using aluminum manufactured in Bahrain, due to its high international quality, and the crane was equipped with the required sensors and devices, and passed all the inspection tests and safety conditions according to European standards, as the design and implementation was carried out by a team from the College of Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Zuhair Khalifa Bahri.
In a similar context, CERN’s advisor for the Middle East and North Africa, Martin Gastal, presented a seminar for postgraduate students at the University on building research capabilities, and identifying programs and training opportunities with CERN. Also, projects in the field of artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering and data processing will be discussed.
The visit was attended by the Vice President for Academic Programs and Graduate Studies, Dr. Mohammed Reda Qadir, the Dean of the College of Information Technology, Dr. Hessa Jassem Al-Junaid, the Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Athra Al-Mousawi, and the Chairman of the Projects Committee at the University, Dr. Fuad Mohammed Al-Ansari.
It is worth noting that within the framework of the existing scientific cooperation between UoB, the Sheikh Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research, and CERN, in the field of summer training for students at CERN, four students from the College of Science and one student from the College of Information Technology have completed their summer training at CERN during the past years, by competing with various students from around the world for admission to training. In addition, two other students from the College of Science were accepted this year to participate in summer training at CERN, and the involvement of such number of UoB students in training in this great research institution is an excellent representation of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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