Dr. Al-Mudhahki: The Plan Is Characterized by Flexibility in Dealing with Changes UoB Discusses Its New Strategic Plan With Representatives of Education and Training Vision and Strategy Preparation Committee

Sakhir – University of Bahrain (Khadija Abdulsalam)
21 June 2022
The University of Bahrain (UoB) administration held a meeting with a number of members of the Education and Training Vision and Strategy Preparation Committee, on Monday (20 June 2022), to discuss the new strategic plan of the University.
Where the President of UoB, Dr. Jawaher bint Shaheen Al-Mudhahki, affirmed the University’s keenness to improve the quality of its academic and training programs, to keep pace with the sustainable development and strategic plans of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and to comply with the requirements of the labor markets in the next few years, and to actively renew the market study to keep pace with the rapid changes in its plans, pointing out that flexibility is one of the most important features of the University’s strategic plan.
Also, the University President mentioned that there is great interest in the new strategic plan in the technical and human aspects alike, so that interest in the basics of the fourth industrial revolution is being strengthened from the Internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and others, and at the same time, attention to the repercussions of all these huge changes on society, and the interrelation of sciences with each other and their benefit from such developments.
In a related context, the new strategic plan of UoB was reviewed, to view the developments and priorities of the plan, to discuss academic development, and to meet the market need of manpower and qualified human cadres, in addition to keeping pace with the curricula in force in prestigious universities through modern academic programs.
The meeting was attended by Dr. Mariam Mustafa, Secretary of the Supreme Council for the Development of Education and Training, Advisor to the Education and Training Strategy Committee, Dr. Louise O’Nolan, and CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic, Prof. Dr. Ciarán Ó Catháin.
As well as the President of UoB, in addition to the Vice President for Community Service and Alumni Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Ansari, Vice President for Information Technology Services and Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Osama Abdullah Al-Jowder, Vice President for Academic Programs and Graduate Studies, Dr. Mohammed Reda Qadir, and Dean of UoB Bahrain Teachers College, Dr. Ted Brunton, Dean of the College of Applied Education, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Baqer, Director of the Office of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation, Dr. Luisella Balbis, Dr. Amal Al-Rayyes from the College of Information Technology, and Dr. Raed Al Jowder from the College of Engineering.

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