• Note: Fees are in Bahraini Dinars
B.S.C/Associate Diploma – Bahraini
Fees Per Credit Hour 8.000
B.S.C/Associate Diploma – Non Bahraini
Fees Per Credit Hour 80.000
B.S.C/Associate Diploma – Second Period for Bahraini & Non Bahraini
Fees Per Credit Hour 80.000
B.S.C/Associate Diploma – Sponsored
Fees Per Credit Hour 80.000
Diploma / Post Graduate Diploma
Fees Per Credit Hour 84.000
Fees Per Credit Hour 140.000
Fees Per Credit Hour 160.000
General Fees
Transcript Fees 0.500
Admission Fees 10.000
Lost ID Card 5.000
Lost Card Holder 2.000
Review Exam Result 10.000
Locker 5.000
Study Student Case 30.000
Lost Graduation Certificate 50.000


Each course consists of a number of credit hours, and most courses consist of 3 credit hours. Example of a Bahraini student’s tuition fee for a bachelor’s course, 1 hour is 8 BD, the tuition will be 8×3=BD 24.

If the student registered 5 courses for the semester, the tuition fee will be 24×5 = BD 120.


The University offers this service for students with low income, where applications to benefit from this service are received and those applications get reviewed according to specific conditions and regulations.

Applications to receive this service will be open for a whole month during the first semester of the academic year, as “Tuition Fees Exemption Application Form” is electronically provided to students during that month, and it shall be announced through the University’s official website and its official social media.

Students can communicate with the Exemptions and Part-Time Employment Division through the Division’s e-mail:

In addition to the Division’s phone numbers: 17438713-17438719-17438247