In Cooperation with The US Embassy in Manama and The College of Charleston UoB Holds a Seminar on Creative Fiction Writing

Sakhir – University of Bahrain (Khadija Abdulsalam)
11 May 2022
The University of Bahrain (UoB) held a seminar on Creative Fiction Writing on Monday and Tuesday (May 9-10, 2022), in cooperation with the US Embassy in Manama and the College of Charleston in the United States.
The seminar was delivered by Professor of Creative Writing at the College of Charleston, Dr. Brett Lott, and it was attended by 24 male and female students from the University, especially students from the Department of English Language and Literature at the College of Arts.
Dr. Lott discussed with the students the basic elements of fiction, such as plot, characters, theme, complex, climax, and resolution, as well as elements of conflict, time and place, and characterization.
During the workshop, the students had the opportunity to exchange and discuss their story ideas among themselves, and benefit from the notes, comments and feedback from the lecturer, in addition to some tips on production and publication.
The seminar was moderated by the lecture from the English Language Center at the College of Arts, Diana Prieur, and attended by graduate students at the College of Charleston, Lorne Chambers, and Elsie Lask, and from the US Embassy in Manama, Grants and Program Coordinator Ali Sewar.
It is worth mentioning that Prof. Dr. Brett Lott holds the Creative Fiction Writing Seminar annually alongside the Creative Writing Program, which was held for the first time in 2018 in cooperation with the US Embassy in Manama and the College of Charleston in the United States. Also, Dr. Lott has received more than ten literary awards and is the bestselling author of fourteen books of story collections, fiction and non-fiction, and he taught fiction literature, creative fiction, novel writing, and experimental fiction.

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