Fees Exemption Service

This service is provided to the UOB students with limited income, in this service the requests by students are received and reviewed according to the regulations set for this purpose. Provided by: Exemptions and Part-Time Employment Division – Dean of Students Affairs office

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Or call us at  17438713-17438719-17438247

Student’s Part-Time Employment Service

UOB gives the opportunity for students to work within the various academic and administrative departments in the university during their free time, and for a nominal financial reward, and in accordance with specific conditions and regulations. Provided by: Exemptions and Part-Time Employment Division – Dean of Students Affairs office

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Transportation Services

The university provides transportation services for the students from their areas of residence to the university and vice versa, in addition to providing shuttles to transport students between university buildings (in Sakheer), and transport between the university’s two campuses in Isa town and Sakheer. Provided by: Students’ Services Division – Students’ Services and Development Department

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Locker Services

Provide lockers for students to keep their books or personal belongings for a small fee. Provided by: Students’ Services Division – Students’ Services and Development Department

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Car Stickers for Students and their Parents

This service includes the distribution of car stickers for students and their parents at the beginning of each academic semester. Provided by: Students’ Services Division – Students’ Services and Development Department

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Disabled Students Services

UOB provides different services to support and help disabled students, which include the following: – Transportation with well-equipped busses from and to the university, in addition to transportation services within the university in vehicles equipped for this purpose. – Providing disabled students with the necessary help and support during the registration period – Coordinate the efforts of volunteer students to help their disabled colleagues during their time in the university and in the examinations period.

Provided by: Disability Division – Students’ Services and Development Department

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Food Courts

UOB offers the students variety of food selection through food courts that can be found around the campus which caters to all taste buds and at beatable prices. Check the map to find out the locations.


Security is available 24 hours a day on all campuses.

University Security emergency number: 

Sakhir Campus Main Gate Security: 17437999, 17438999

Isa Town Campus Main Gate Security: 17876555

Health Center

Health Centre Office Opens for Students and Employees.

Our Services

  • Assistance to overcome complications related to chronic diseases.
  • Maintain patients’ records.
  • Promote health education.
  • Organize preventive medical programs for staff, students, and public patients.

Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday 8:15am – 6:00pm

Contact us at 17435999- 17438000

Students Clubs & Societies

The Deanship of Students Affairs provides opportunities for students to engage in wider social, recreational, community and cultural activities and events. The college student societies and clubs are widely involved in the students life and main events such as the celebration of the National Day, Induction Day, theatrical plays, art exhibitions, etc. Currently, there are the following clubs and societies:

Media Club

Music Club

Chess Club

Photography Club

Fine Arts Club

Theatre Club

Environment Friends Club

College of Arts Society

College of Information Technology Society

College of Law Society

College of Business Administration Society

College of Engineering Society

College of Science Society Students

To find out more, contact us at 17438139 or visit us at the Students Activities Department.

Counselling Support

The Department of Guidance and Counselling provides various support to students with respect to social, behavioral and psychological guidance. Within the Department, the Psychological Guidance Division and the Social and Behavioral Guidance Division work side by side to follow up on the psychological and personal problems of the students which hinder their academic achievement. In addition to support and counseling services, the Department runs programs and lectures, such as:

  • Induction Day Program for New Students.
  • Counseling Awareness Program.
  • Success Steps Program.
  • Life Skills Development Program.
  • Psychological Skills Development Program.
  • Get Ready for Exams Program

For more information, call us at 17438140 or visit us at the Department.

Student Service Center

An interactive service for university students for all administrative procedures, as well as questions and proposals

Direct Phone,  WhatsApp Chat , and  Smart Chat (Chatbot):   16633366
Email :

Student Guide for Online Learning

The student guide for online learning contains general information and study tips to help students succeed in their online courses; in addition, a list of general netiquette expectations for online courses is presented.


Student Guide

The Students Guide provides you with information so that you can be aware of rules, regulations and available support to be successful in your academic path. For most of the policies, regulations and procedures of the University links are provided to access the relevant information.


Career Guidance

The Career Counselling Office is here to provide you with advice to help achieve your career aspirations and to equip you with the necessary skills to help you enter the labor market with confidence. The Career Counselling Office also conducts career exhibitions and resume development workshops for you. The office also provides resume development advice.

For More information contact us at 17437437/17438930 or visit us at office.

INJAZ Bahrain

UOB cooperates with INJAZ BAHRAIN to provide a group of workshops aimed at inspiring and preparing the Bahraini youth to succeed in the global economy.

Follow UOB social media accounts to find the new activities by INJAZ.

A Academy

A Academy was established in 2015, with an overall aim of reinforcing the culture of giving back to the community through education. A Academy’s primary goal is to invest in human potentials, as A Academy’s programs focus on academic areas that capitalize on students’ theoretical and practical abilities on Bahrain’s competitive advantages. These areas include teaching and developing social communication skills, so rather than education as a transmission of knowledge; it is a reconstruction of experience.

Through A Academy Education Program for Peer Learning, the A Academy eagerly spread the culture of volunteerism in the educational field. The A Academy Education for Peer Learning program enthusiastic, passionate community of Bahraini youth took it upon themselves to help their colleagues and assist them on their various University courses. The program succeeded to assist more than 10.000 students from all majors. The Program’s services, which are all free of charge, vary from tutoring classes to workshops and students’ activities that ignites students’ creative and critical thinking, as well as presentation and communication skills. Through this program, we contribute to developing the community culture, the sense of responsibility, and the spirit of giving back to others.

Volunteer with us:

You can join the A Academy Education Program by contacting us through our email:

Register in our classes:

You can also register in our free of charge tutoring classes and workshops by downloading ‘Mufeed’ app.

Learn more about us through our social media platforms: 

Instagram: @a_academy_

Twitter: @a_academy_

Youtube: A_Academy_Bahrain

UOB Youth Delegation

A distinguished selection of 15 UOB students chosen according to a certain criteria, in line with the ongoing efforts to prepare students and develop their skills and abilities on every level.

Provided by: Training & Student Development Division – Students’ Services and Development Department

To join, check the social media accounts for registration announcements.

Student Discount Service

The university offers students exclusive discounts and special offers in many outlets in the Kingdom. Restaurants, shops, clinics, gyms, and many more. View the booklet.

Just present your ID card and you will get the discount.

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check your email regularly for the latest offers.

Student Case Study Application Service

This service allows the students to submit their petition to be reinstated after been dismissed from the program due to inability raising his GPA to the required level (GPA 2.00) after receiving two successive warnings or due exceeding the number of courses required to finish the registered program . The student shall upload all supporting documents for his petition either it is medical reports or others reports with the payment petition fee (BD 30). The student can later follow-up his request until all related committees either recommends the approval or rejection.

Transfer within UOB

Conditions for Transferring between Undergraduate Programs

A student may be transferred from one academic program to another in the same College or another College, or from undergraduate programs to programs of the College of Applied Studies if the following conditions are met:

1-   The student shall submit an application to the Deanship, including all the required data supported by the required documents, and shall pay the transfer fee, if any.

2-   The student’s secondary school certificate qualifies him for admission to the academic program he desires to transfer to.

3-   The student has passed (3) courses or (9) credit hours as a minimum, and has not exceeded (66) hours as a maximum.

4-   The student has not been dismissed from the University.

5-   The student has not previously transferred from one academic program to another twice, including transferring to and from the College of Applied Studies program. The student shall neither be allowed to return to his first major transferred from, nor to return from a diploma program after transferring to it to a bachelor’s program or vice versa.

6-   The transfer shall be within the maximum number of students determined by the academic department depending on its capacity. If the number of applicants exceeds this limit, the preference shall be first according to the GPA and then the credit hours passed.

7-   The student shall pass the interview requested by the department of the program to be transferred to, if applicable.

8-   The program to be transferred to has vacant seats.

Conditions for Transferring from the College of Applied Studies to Undergraduate Programs

1-   The program to be transferred to has vacant seats.

2-   The student’s secondary school certificate qualifies him for admission to the academic program he desires to transfer to.

3-   The student shall pass the interview requested by the department of the program to be transferred to, if applicable.

4-   At the end of the semester in which the transfer application was submitted, the applicant must meet one of the following conditions:

(A)  Passing the first semester of the Associate Diploma Program with a GPA of no less than (3.0), and passing (12) credit hours.

(B)  Passing two semesters with a GPA of no less than (2.5), and (24) credit hours.

(C)  Passing the Associate Diploma Program with a GPA of no less than (2.33) out of (4.00).

5.    The equivalency of the courses the student has previously studied shall be considered in accordance with the regulations of the College to be transferred to.

1.    The student may not transfer during the entire period of study at the University more than twice.

2.    The student shall not be allowed to return to the Associate Diploma Program after transferring from it to the bachelor’s degree.

Procedures for Submitting an Electronic Transfer Request

A.   After reviewing the transfer conditions, please follow the application steps as follows:

1.    Log in the student information system website ( using the student’s university number the password.

2.    Click on (Menu), choose (My Requests), then choose (Transfer), and after that choose the appropriate transfer type from the options below:

–       College to College Transfer (application fee BD 10)

–       Internal Transfer

–       Transfer from Associate Diploma programs at the College of Applied Studies to BSC (Diploma / To BSC Transfer) (application fee BD 10) for registered students fulfilling the requirement of passing the first or second semester.

3.    Specify the college to be transferred to.

4.    Specify the major to be transferred to.

Notes: Students transferring from Associate Diploma programs at the College of Applied Studies to a bachelor’s degree, who fulfill the first and second conditions only, can specify more than one option (maximum 10 options) according to vacancies and available seats.

5.    State the reason for the transfer.

6.    Click on (Save) to save the application in case of transfer within the College, and click on (Pay To Add Request) to pay the fees and save the application in case of transfer from one College to another or from Diploma to BSC.

B.   Students graduating from the College of Applied Studies diploma who fulfill the transfer condition (2.33 to 4.00)

1.    Choose the (UOB Admission Requests) link.

2.    Then choose (Apply for Undergraduate Programs – College of Applied Studies Graduates).

3.    Please review and approve the instructions to complete the application.

4.    Insert the required personal data.

5.    Choose and specify the program to be applied for; the available programs will appear according to transfer vacancies that are compatible with the secondary school track from which the student graduated.

6.    Insert the contact details (e-mail – mobile phone – address).

7.    Please click on the (Verification Code). An email will be sent to the email address included in the application. Please insert the code in the designated field.

8.    Click on (Submit).

9.    Pay the fees (BD 10, non-refundable).

Note: In case you have any inquiries or face any problems, please contact the Student Service Center by phone, WhatsApp Chat, or Smart Chat (Chatbot) on 16633366 or e-mail

Important Notes:

–       The student shall not change the transfer request in the same semester.

–       The fee for transfer application from one college to another is BD 10

–       Transfer results shall be announced on student information system website ( through sending (Notification) or SMS.

Replacement ID Card Issuance Procedures

Replacement ID Card Issuance Procedures

  1. The student must apply for a replacement ID card by filling the designated.
  2. The student’s data will be checked.
  3. The student will head to the Department of Security and Safety to obtain a stamp to issue a new ID card.
  4. The student will head to the Department of Finance and Budget to pay the fees for the issuance of a replacement ID card.
  5. The new card will be issued and the photo will be updated, if desired, and handed to the student after signing the receipt.

Graduation Certificate Issuance Procedures- Replacement Certificate

Graduation Certificate Issuance Procedures- Replacement Certificate

  1. The student must submit a request to issue a certificate (replacement) to the Department of Admission and Alumni Affairs, by filling out the certificate request form.
  2. The staff of the Admissions and Alumni Affairs Department shall direct the student to pay the certificate application fee of 50 Bahraini dinars at the University’s Finance Department.
  3. The student’s graduation acknowledgment will be issued and attached to the application.
  4. Coordination will be made with the Office of the Dean of Admission and Registration to issue a duplicate of the graduation certificate.
  5. The graduation certificate – replacement – will be issued for those who lost the graduation certificate, with a new certificate number and it will be stamped with a replacement certificate stamp.
  6. The graduation certificate – replacement – will be issued in case the graduate’s name has been changed or the certificate was damaged and the certificate will be stamped with a replacement certificate with the withdrawal of the original certificate from the graduate.

E-learning platform

The E-Learning Center uses the Blackboard platform as a primary communication tool and a basic system for managing education and listing electronic courses. For more services, you can visit the e-learning center page.