The College of Arts at the University of Bahrain Holds the First Scientific Week to Review Plans of Graduate Studies and College Contribution to the Culture Industry

Sakhir – University of Bahrain

November 24, 2021

The first scientific week at the College of Arts at the University of Bahrain reviewed the updates of the academic quality file, the college’s graduate studies plan, and new programs. The week focused on the importance of the roles played by the college in the culture industry.

The scientific week was organized by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office at the college under the supervision of the director of the office, Dr. Amani Al-Halwaji from October 31, 2021 to November 4, 2021. The participants discussed several topics, including updates in quality assurance and academic accreditation. Associate professor in the Department of Psychology, Dr. Ahmed Saad Jalal reviewed the strategic plan for postgraduate studies at the College of Arts. Associate professor in the Department of English, Dr. Madani Othman Ahmed reviewed new ideas in the academic programs of the College of Arts. Faculty member in the Arabic language department, Professor Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Sayed Salim reviewed academic promotion system.

The head of the Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, Dr. Dheya Abdullah Al Kaabi, participated in the scientific week and talked about the College of Arts and Culture Industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Faculty member of the English Language Department, Dr. Mohammad Khaled Qaddoumi presented a paper on health and safety in the college.

The paper of Dr. Ahmed Saad Jalal reviewed the updated system of postgraduate studies and scientific research at the university and focused on the most important provisions that have been amended. In addition, he shed light on the mechanism of appointing supervisors for graduate students, joint supervision and rules governing thereof, how to choose topics for theses as well as some factors to consider when choosing topics for theses.

The paper also reviewed the College’s graduate studies committees and departments, their roles and conditions, the necessary approvals for field application tools, the conditions of academic plagiarism and citation, as well as the mechanism and conditions for selecting the internal examiners in the discussion committees.

In his paper, Dr. Madani Othman Ahmed referred to the importance of inspiring ideas and deriving academic objectives from the strategic plan of the university. He pointed out that it is important for the university professor to follow up the updates in his specialization, to be aware of the new attitudes in the introduction of programs at prestigious international universities, so that he can undertake solid academic initiatives, and to play his roles, given that he is the main source for academic development initiatives. Dr. Ahmed stressed the need to verify and review, according to specific criteria and references, including compatibility with the requirements and standards of national qualifications for each academic degree, peer review by competent professors from outside the university to evaluate the initiatives, just like prestigious international universities.

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