The First Bahraini to Assume a Leadership Position.. ICSEI Appoints a Lecturer from UoB as Coordinator of Educational Research

Sakhir – University of Bahrain
8 May 2022
Bahrain Teachers College lecturer Salman Yousef Zayed has been appointed as the coordinator of the Commission on Educational Research on Improving the Performance and Effectiveness of Education, of International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI).
ICSEI is concerned with developing the capabilities of educational researchers to carry out high-quality scientific projects in the field of improving the performance and effectiveness of schools. Also, it includes – under the same roof – a selection of educational policy makers, school leaders, and teachers, along with researchers and educationalists from various countries of the world.
Zayed expressed his pride in representing the Kingdom of Bahrain in this reputable international organization, noting that the educational and research experiences he gained during his tenure as an academic at UoB contributed to his obtaining this opportunity.
Also, he added that he will seek to benefit from the best international experiences and practices in the field of improving the performance and effectiveness of schools, and transferring them to the educational field in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which will reflect positively on enhancing the competitiveness of Bahraini students at the global level, as well as transferring distinguished experiences and practices from various countries to the schools of the Kingdom.
It is worth noting that ICSEI – which is headquartered in the Australian city of Sydney – was founded in 1986, and is one of the most important global educational bodies, which brings together many researchers, experts, school leaders, teachers and educational policy makers, interested in improving the performance of students, and identify best practices related to this aspect. The Congress has organized an annual conference since its inception 36 years ago, which includes many research and scientific bodies specialized in the areas of school leadership, early education, educational planning and policies.

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