University of Bahrain: Final Exams Will Be Held according to the Previously Scheduled Dates

Sakhir – University of Bahrain

December 13, 2021

The Vice President of the University of Bahrain for Community Service and Alumni Affairs, Acting Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Mohammad Saleh Al-Ansari, stated that the schedules for first semester final exams remain as they are without any changes.

Dr. Al-Ansari added that preliminary exams for students will be held on 28-30 December 2021, while exams of other subjects for students of higher grades will be held according to the previously scheduled dates, on 3- 13 January, 2022. He wished all students every success.

Within this context, the University of Bahrain has taken all precautionary measures for holding the final exams on campus to ensure the safety of students and university affiliates. Classes and halls have been distributed taking into account the social distancing. Necessary preparations for sterilizing exam venues have been made and instructions for combating Covid-19 have been provided.

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