UoB Denies the Authenticity of What Was Published on A Student Fainting During the Exam Because Of The Heat

Calling For the Importance of Obtaining Information from Official Sources

UoB Denies the Authenticity of What Was Published on A Student Fainting During the Exam Because Of The Heat



5 June 2022

Sakhir – University of Bahrain



The University of Bahrain (UoB) denied what was published on some of the social media websites on Saturday (June 4, 2022), which indicated that one of the University’s students had fainted while taking the mathematics exam due to the high temperature in the exam hall.

The University clarified that cases of fainting and fatigue occur in all public examinations, and this happens over the years, and the medical staff at the University are ready to take care of such cases, the causes of which vary.

Also, she pointed out that University medical records indicate that the largest number of students who are exposed to weakness and fainting during the final exams, are usually under psychological pressure because of the exam, and some of them do not eat breakfast before coming to the University, and can have low blood sugar, while some of them stay up all night to study for the final exam, and therefore they are tired when they come, and some of them excessively consume energy drinks or stimulants, believing that this will provide them with energy to stay up late and continue to study all night, whereas there are students who suffer from chronic diseases, and other health issues, and some of these are behind what happened on the Saturday exam specifically, according to the reports of the health clinic at UoB.

The Deanship of Student Affairs works quarterly to hold workshops that alert students to the importance of taking care of physical and psychological health during the examination period, so that they do not fall under the pressure of psychological and nervous tension, and to take an adequate amount of rest and sleep, in order to avoid these repeated incidents in the final exams, while nurses’ crews are close to the examination halls, to intervene if necessary, to transport patients to the university clinic to receive treatment and to take an adequate rest.

As for the reason mentioned in the tweet, which is the high temperature in the exam halls, it is entirely incorrect, because the staff of the Deanship of Student Affairs, observers, and officials in the University of deans, and vice presidents, including the University President, are constantly inspecting the halls, air conditioning and other matters that are necessary to hold the exams, and there was no problem or complaint about the temperature of the halls over the past days.

The University called for the importance of verifying the information transmitted through social media, and taking information from official sources before publishing it and causing unfounded confusion, at a time when students are in need of care and reassurance.

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