UoB President Inaugurates the Exhibition Of “Technology” Graduation Projects and Affirms: The Quality of The Graduation Projects Is a Prominent Indication of The Students’ Seriousness and Their Readiness for The Requirements of The Labor Market Amazon And “Tamkeen” Sponsor the Development of a Number of Student Projects

Sakhir – University of Bahrain – Mansoor Al-Wanni
15 June 2022
The President of the University of Bahrain (UoB), Dr. Jawaher bint Shaheen Al-Mudhahki, stated that: “The graduation projects of the College of Technology are one of the vital and prominent signs of students’ mastery of what they have learned during their academic journey, and their seriousness in getting prepared to enter the labor market,” stressing that students’ projects are of great importance and constitute a catalyst to discover students’ creativity”.
During her inauguration of the graduation projects exhibition for students of the College of Information Technology on Wednesday (15 June 2022), Dr. Al-Mudhahki commended the diversity of the topics and ideas of the projects presented, stating that “Employers attach special importance to these exhibitions, as they provide the opportunity for students to develop and sponsor their projects to serve the practical sectors, benefiting from renewable ideas to serve the progress of business in various fields”.
Also, Dr. Al-Mudhahki listened to the students’ explanations about the ideas of their projects, and the developments presented by each project separately, during a tour that she took inside the exhibition, and accordingly praised the magnitude of efforts made by the students and professors together to accomplish these projects that come to address existing conditions in the local and international practical reality.
At the end of her tour in the exhibition, the President of the University presented the award-winning students with commemorative shields, in addition to certificates of appreciation. Also, she honored all the participating students with certificates of thanks and appreciation, wishing them all the success in their future lives.
In her turn, the Dean of the College of Information Technology, Dr. Hessa Jassim Al-Junaid, said: “The graduation projects exhibition aims to connect students to the labor market, by training and qualifying them, through the implementation and development of technical projects that contribute to providing various services to the labor sectors.” And she explained that the College of Information Technology is keen to organize the graduation projects exhibition, because of its great importance in marketing student projects.
Moreover, Dr. Al-Junaid thanked the President of the University and its administration, for the support and encouragement that she provides for the development of graduation projects, and for the success of the last station of the students’ journey that crowns the efforts of the academic years. Also, she thanked the representatives of the public and private sectors who continue to support and encourage the students in their graduation projects and provide them with their expertise, as well as the professors and supervisors for the continuous support of the students, and praised the students’ cooperation and seriousness in completing their projects.
For her part, Head of the Graduation Projects Committee, Dr. Fatima Abdelkader Al-Baluchi, said: “132 male and female students from the College’s departments of: computer engineering, computer science, and information systems, have participated in presenting 48 projects and research on medical, social, economic, and sports topics, in addition to cybersecurity applications and research”.
Dr. Al-Baluchi explained that the Projects Exhibition is one of the important activities that qualify students for the labor market, and highlights the creativity of students, by linking the scientific material they studied with the challenges facing people’s lives on a daily basis.
Moreover, Dr. Al-Baluchi pointed out that the exhibition included distinguished projects, including: a student project entitled “MAQIAS” in the Department of Computer Science, which was adopted by Amazon and supported by the Labor Fund (Tamkeen), and another project concerned with data analysis using cloud computing in the computer engineering department, which is also supported by Amazon.
The projects committee announced that the “assistant glove for the blind” project won the award for the best project, which was done by the two students in the Department of Computer Engineering: Safa Abbas Al-Durazi and Ahmed Faz Ali. Also, it announced the winning of the “MAQIAS” project by students in the department of computer science: Yasmeen Omar Mohammed, Reem Shaheen, Zakiya Ahmed and Amna Samir Ahmed for the best project award. While the Bahrain Trainer Program by the students in the information systems department: Mohammed Abdulrahim Marhoon and Hussain Abdullatif Hussain, won the award for the best project.
The exhibition of graduation projects at the College of Information Technology receives the attention and follow-up of employers and specialists in the fields of technology, information systems, and computing sciences, as a number of companies in previous exhibitions have sponsored student projects, and other companies have worked to support students to develop their projects.

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