UoB’s MBA Program Enhances Linking Graduates to the Business Sector Environment

Sakhir – University of Bahrain (Khadija Abdul Salam)
14 June 2022
The Head of the Administration and Marketing Department at the College of Business Administration at the University of Bahrain (UoB), Dr. Mesfer Mubarak Al- Muhanadi, confirmed that the College updated the Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program in the year 2020, to comply with the aspirations of the labor market, by linking theoretical sciences with professional practice.
This came during the presentation and evaluation sessions of graduation projects for six students of the MBA program in the Department of Management and Marketing, on Wednesday and Thursday (June 8-9, 2022), in the presence of a number of members of the academic staff of the College, the academic supervisor of the project, and representatives of companies and cooperating bodies and graduate students of the College. The sessions were moderated by the Academic Supervisor, Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Marketing, Dr. Walid Abdulaziz Mohsen.
The projects fall under the name (Capstone Consultancy Project), which was recently added to the program plan as an alternative to the recognized academic thesis, and it aims to refine the graduates’ capabilities and enhance their connection with the business sector environment, through a research procedure based on the analysis of a realistic problem faced by a company or private or public sector institution, and to provide realistic and practical solutions, by holding a series of interviews with policy makers and decision makers in those bodies, and collecting data and information about them.
The student, Amal AbdulRedha Makhlooq, presented a project to improve the mechanism for dealing with the inquiries of financiers at National Bureau for Revenue in the Kingdom of Bahrain, under the supervision of the CEO of the Bureau, Rana Ebrahim Faqihi. While the student, Abbas Ahmed Abdullah Issa, presented Aluminum Bahrain’s (Alba) internal recruitment project: Defining a new method of employment, in partnership with Alba under the supervision of Industrial Engineer Ahmed Mohammed Al-Aali. Also, the student, Tariq Abdul Latif Faqihi, presented the Kuwait Finance House Project: A Case of Digital Transformation before the Corona pandemic, in partnership with Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain, under the supervision of the Information Technology Project Manager, Mahmood Ahmed Al-Bahr.
Moreover, the student, Abdullah Issa Youssef, presented a project to study the impact of the epidemic on overtime: A Car Dealer in Bahrain, in partnership with Ibrahim Khalil Kanoo “Toyota” company, under the supervision of Kaizen promoter, Salman Ali Karimi. In addition, the student, Fatima Fadhl Al-Saffar, presented the Organizational Knowledge Documentation Project: Consultation on the Application of the Knowledge Management System, in partnership with the Employment Consultants Team Company, under the supervision of General Manager Stephen Moore. While the student, Faisal Ahmed Ghiath, presented a project on Factors Leading to Industrial Competition in Abu Hamed Paints: An Analysis of Reinforcement, in partnership with Abu Hamed Paints Company, under the supervision of the company’s general manager, Mohammed Ghiath Al-Din Al-Mayyazi.
It is worth noting that the College of Business Administration adopted the (joint evaluation) mechanism in the final evaluation of the project, to confirm the reality of the advisory solutions provided by the project, as an industry expert or a representative of the institution or company is invited, and has the right to provide a partial evaluation of the project, as the expert discusses his proposals and consulting solutions with the student, to study the feasibility of applying them in reality.
Furthermore, Dr. Misfir Al-Muhanadi stated that “The experts praised the professional level of the students’ advisory reports, the significance of the recommendations and proposals contained in the projects, and their applicability in their institutions.”

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