With The Participation Of 40 Students UoB’s College of Engineering Concludes The “Manifestations of The Mind” Exhibition at Al-Aali Mall

Sakhir – University of Bahrain (Khadija Abdulsalam)
12 June 2022
On Thursday (9 June 2022) the exhibition “Manifestations of the Mind” was concluded at the Al-Aali Mall, as the exhibition presented a selection of the works of the 40 interior design students – male and female graduate students – who were enrolled in the elective course “Special Topics in Interior Design”, where the students displayed their paintings, artwork and a number of models.
The course is taught by the Assistant Professor from the Department of Architecture and Interior Design, Dr. Reem Abbas Sultan, and Dr. Fatima Abdulaziz Qaid, and it focuses on design thinking and its tools, as the student interacts in the creative thinking process to find solutions to intertwined problems.
The exhibition concluded with a panel discussion between the exhibition coordinators, Dr. Reem Sultan and Dr. Fatima Abbas, as they discussed their educational journey in exploring the creative process, how ideas form and develop, and the creative process approach in design.
It is worth noting that the Head of the Department of Architecture and Interior Design at the College of Engineering at the University of Bahrain (UoB), Dr. Huda Mohammed Al-Madhoob, inaugurated the exhibition in the Last Oil Well space in Al-Aali Mall on Sunday (5 June 2022).

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