The e-Learning Center was established in accordance with the University Council decision number 188/2004, May 8, 2004. The Center established to cope with the latest developments in Information Technology and to employ this technology in teaching and learning processes at the university and academic institutes. The Center aims at providing qualitative development in learning and to qualify learning to a better educational output in order to create graduates capable of coping with continuous changes and using these changes to serve their country. The e-Learning trend is fast growing and a corner stone in the field of electronic learning all over the world. It is changing the quality of education to the better and provides skilled and highly qualified and independent learners and graduates.
The Center aims at:

  • Disseminating e-culture through awareness and media campaigns to prepare the community to accept and interact with e learning.
  • Gradual transfer of fully or partially current academic programs and curricula to e-courses and programs in accordance with tailored designs for each, and the design and the administration of e-courses using educational technologies according to the nature of the course to be offered.
  • Establishing principles of self and long life learning, training, and enhancing the e-learning skills for UOB staff and students to employ them for long life learning.
  • To create open channels for international and regional cooperation in e learning to cope with the latest in the field, in order to utilize it in the development of knowledge and scientific research.
  • Creating community partnership and communication.
  • Supporting academic and scientific programs through providing services and alternative or assisting technologies, in accordance with the nature or type of these courses and programs.

5a28d2d516f9b.imageBlackboard Support

  1. Creating channels of communication with various community departments to identify and follow-up the latest in the academic and scientific field.
  2. Communication with the administration of the Future Schools Projects.
  3. Formation of a consultative board for the e-learning center from various members at the university to approve a unified strategy for the center and seek the consultation in technical issues, to avail from various expertise within the university and the community at large.
During the past years, the Center has made the following achievements:

  1. Design and implementation of a new website for the Centre.
  2. The Centre won four awards in the field of e learning.
  3. Upgrading the Center’s Infrastructure through the purchase of a new blade Servers 3 servers)) to improve the performance of the portal of the learning management system LMS for years to come.

  • Sustainability
Our Mission believes that e learning should last and develop to include all universities departments. It should also facilitate the smooth transference of students from high school to University providing training and education for life.

  • Cooperation
The Centre enhances the spirit of cooperation with all university and outside university departments within the working team and the student body to create the spirit of the team.

Faculty Resources


  • E-course Request
As a new faculty member, these procedures are requested in order to create a course on the Blackboard.
  1. Download and print the following form
  2. Fill the details of the form, and make sure that it is signed by your department’s head.
  3. Send it to Fax No (+973)17449027, or deliver it by hand to office S45-109 or office S45-116
If you don’t have an e-mail account at University of Bahrain, one should be created for you by IT.
A designer at the eLearning center will then send you an email with your login details, in addition to initial instructions on how to use the system.